Details for The Lamoille North Supervisory Union is seeking Student Services Transportation Drivers



The Lamoille North Supervisory Union, located in Hyde Park, is seeking parttime Student Services Transportation Drivers. The primary responsibility will
be to provide safe and reliable transportation by operating the Supervisory
Union van for five passengers at a time (plus driver) transporting pupils to and
from school as well as related placements or activities. Additionally, as needed
and available, drivers perform courier services between central office, schools
and other institutions. Duties include vehicle cleaning.

Ideal candidates will have a positive and congenial attitude, effective verbal
communication skills, calm demeanor, a high school diploma/GED, and at least
five years of driving experience and be able to work split shifts.

Clean driving record, success passing required drug testing and criminal
background check, and minimum medical clearance is required. Additional
student-centered training will be provided.
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter,
resume and two current reference letters to:
Rick Sansom, Transportation Supervisor
96 Cricket Hill Rd, Hyde Park, VT 05655