Real-estate sales of $200,000 or more since March 9, 2017. Real estate sales data from Vermont property transfer tax public records.


  • Route 109, 867.5 acres of land, $900,000, Stebbins, Katherine of Essex Junction and Wells, Kristin of Waterville to Barred Woods LLC of Underhill.


  • 680 Marjorie Drive, house, 4.9 acres, $212,500, Fletcher, Kelly and William and Gingras, Debbie and Jay, all of Harwich, Mass., to Hamlyn-Prescott, Susan and Prescott, William of Cambridge.


  • 271 Worcester Ridge, house, 5.14 acres, $700,000, Hadley, Katherine and Mark of Elmore to Turkowski, Allison and John of Old Lyme, Conn.
  • 299 Greaves Hill Road, house, 6.08 acres, $545,000, Bradley, Heather of Morrisville to Ferguson, Shelley of Reston, Va.
  • 289 Worcester Ridge Road, house, 3.64 acres, $480,000, Black, Carol of Califon, N.J., to Roehrig, Dylan and Warwick, Noel of Elmore.
  • 276 Point Road, house, 1.4 acres, $433,000, Galfetti, Eugene and Harriet of Berlin/Montpelier to Burnor, Debra and Smith, Michael of Lake Elmore.
  • 199 Sterling View Annex, house, 2.71 acres, $420,000, Ingalls, Hollie of Sunningdale, UK, to Goodfriend, Lawrence of Compton, R.I.
  • 101 Sterling View Road, house, 1.87 acres, $390,000, Dowling, Sarah and Thomas of Okatie, S.C., to Buyer, Trisha of Elmore.
  • Worcester Ridge Road, 7.5 acres of land, $320,000, trustee Barnett, Theodore of Stowe to Andrews, Richard, of St. Helena, Calif.
  • 1661 Hardwood Flats Road, house, 22.3 acres, $250,000, Lencke, Patricia and Robert of Lake Elmore to Smejkal, Shawn and Tartaglia, Chloe of Wolcott.
  • 888 Camp Road, house, 2.2 acres, $250.000, Torres, Doris and Jose of Nutley, N.J., to Leopold, Lisa and Robert of Stowe.
  • 1780 Symonds Mill Road, 2-apartment house, 2.6 acres, $240,000, Sharpe-Keene, Alexandra of Wolcott to Standley, Bradford and Stacy of Wolcott.
  • 120 Hardwood Flats Road, house, 2.89 acres, $222,500, Moody, Brian of Wolcott to Case, Edward and Witherbee, Margaret of Elmore.


  • 259 Grow Road, house, 10.5 acres, $282,000, Heitman, Jennifer and Matthew of Stowe to Young, David of Johnson.
  • 2353 Route 15 West, house, 2.7 acres, $265,000, Lavoie, Lisa and Muriel of Underhill to Reginald and Marjorie Carpenter Revocable Trust of Johnson.
  • 251 Melody Lane, house, 6.32 acres, $264,000, Powell, Jason and Linda of Stowe to Ferguson, Andrew of Johnson.
  • 133 Maple Hill Road, house, 7.17 acres, $248,000, Kilburn, Albert and Janice of Colchester to Robinson, Leanna and Wichmann, Stephen Sr. of Johnson.
  • 970 Gould Hill Road, house, 9.18 acres, $237,000, Herder, Heloisa and Jan of Steuben, Maine, to Barclay, Paula of Johnson.
  • 22 Mudgett Hill Road, house, 2.4 acres, $225,000, Leone, Charles of Pittsford, N.Y., to Rossi, Peter and Sabrina of Johnson.
  • Waterville
  • 344 Bacon Road, house, 12.81 acres, $317,000, Sulewski, John and Justine of Uniondale, Pa., to Mikula, John and Toni of Waterville.


  • 6103 Pinnacle Lane, house, 4 acres, $231,000, Alter, Howard of Stowe to Richard, Christopher and Heidi of Wolcott.

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