Lamoille Union High School

Class of 2019

Harrison Mark Abramsohn, Breanna Cheryl Adams, Sydney Grace Alexander, Saige Leigh Allard, Noah Marshall Allen, Sierra Ayla Alonso-Gonyo, Shelby Eve Arnold, Courtney Aube, Saige Ward Barney, Cole Joseph Bartlett, Alan George (Noah) Bennion III, Jacob William Benoit, Seth Justin Bertrand, Mirrisa Cassidy Bidwell, Patryk Alva Boivin, Brandon Paul Bourdeau, Cora Marie Bourdeau, Rhiannon Lee Boutin, Jamie Trevor Boyden, Arianna Angela Brull, Luke Francis Buglion-Gluck, Madison Marie Bullard, Morgan Noelle Burnham, Jennifer Leigh Caron, Ava McCuin Cochran, Skyler Aaron Cochran, Kyler Michael Collins, Katelyn Grace Cormier, Erica Corrow, Ryley Mae Cota, Abigail Suzanne Coté , Heather Marie Cote, Benjamin Douglas Cullivan, Stephen Nathaniel Davis, Tess Ophelia Davis, Maranda Renée Dearborn, Owen Michael Dearborn, Braeden Dean Decker, Martina Di Florio, Marissa DiGregorio, Lucas Ian Draper, Maxx Asher Dunbar, Kaleb Nicholas Earle, Mariah Paige Earle, Elliott Joseph Ferriman, Timothy Willard Fields, Lillian Grace Foster, Destiny Renee French, Breanna Jordyn Friedrich, Chelsea Elizabeth Gabree, Lezah Eleanor Gannon, Elizabeth Doreen Grenier, Emma Ryan Grove-Griffith, Steven Michael Hamlin, Jesse Allen Hill, David Alton Hoadley Jr., Patrick Richard Holmes, Peter Andrew Holmes, Dale Loudon Howard, Madison Lee Ingalls, Cadi Gertrude Johnson, Marisa Ann Jones, Dailyn Margaret Judkins, Cameron Matthew Kennedy, Natoshia Rae Kilburn, Tyler Mitchell King, Kalie Ryan Kneeland, Marcus Nathaniel Xavier LaBarge, Hannah Theresa Lafountain, Heather Marie Lafountain, Keagan Aleck Ronald Lang, Sierra May Langlois, Gracie Alaina-Marie Lanphear, Keith Russell Lanphear, Jacob A. LaPointe, Ethan Caleb Lawrence, Nicholas Joseph Leclair, Ryan Tyler Lindgren, Evan Lorenzo Locke, Devin Michael Lutz-Barratt, Emma Klee MacDonald, Allison Grace Manning, Tayler John Mansur, Garrett Steven Martin, Joseph Mayer Mascolino, Sophia Amy Mascolino, Cheyenne Whitney Mason, Sara Beth Mason, Marie M. Mayhew, Isaiah Ryan Mayo-Lynch, Kyle William McFarlane, Julie Lorraine Menize, Rhea Jade Mongeon, Brandilyn Mae Morse, Paige Nikole Moulton, Sydney Lynn Moulton, Cody Brunault Nadeau, Brooke Logan Naylor, Nicholas William Robert Pastina, Jake Travis Patnoe, Kolby Joseph Lanphear Picard, Trevor Joseph Rheaume, Austin James Russin, Brittany Marie Russin, Jared Thomas Salls, Keagan Aengus Simpson, Lily Rose Stearns, Jade Colleen Steel, Anika Mae Stevens, Isabelle Lilia Sullivan, Dylan Alan Tatro, Arthur Stanley Teale, Jacob Edward Vance, Emory Kaya Vanderveer, Jason Tyler Warren, Jackson David Webster, Olivia Marie Wells, Armand John West, Michaela Ann Wheeler, Robert Matthew Wylie, Adelle Masterson Yetman.

Lamoille Union Graduates 2019

Lamoille Union Graduates 2019

LUHS Senior Statements

Saige Leigh Allard

Accomplishments: Future Business Leaders of America, SkillsUSA, early college program.

Postgraduate plans: Forensic psychology major at Thomas College.

Saige Ward Barney

Accomplishments: Basketball and soccer.

Postgraduate plans: Dental hygienist.

Statement: Thank you to Lamoille Union High School for making the last four years the best years of my life. I cannot thank my friends and family enough for all the support.

Madison Marie Bullard

Accomplishments: Varsity soccer, lead role in Haunted High.

Postgraduate plans: College for early childhood studies.

Statement: It was so much fun! I hope to work in or own a day care.

Benjamin Douglas Cullivan

Accomplishments: Green and Gold, varsity Nordic and XC captain, All State/District 2 percussion, NHS, Tri-M, Scholars Bowl team captain.

Postgraduate plans: Dartmouth College.

Statement: I'd like to thank my family, friends, coaches, and teachers for supporting me in my past and future endeavors.

Maxx Asher Dunbar

Accomplishments: Baseball, basketball.

Postgraduate plans: College and working.

Statement: “I hope he achieves all the goals that he sets, handles failures as successes, and lives for opportunity.”

Chelsea Elizabeth Gabree

Accomplishments: SkillsUSA Participant, SkillsUSA Management Secretary, two years culinary arts at NorthWest Technical Center, one year culinary arts at Green Mountain Technology and Career Center.

Post Graduate Plans: Applying for government contracts for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Statement: I hope to be successful in life and to earn enough money to travel, and see landmarks around the country.

Erica Ashley Gates

Accomplishments: President of National Technical Honor Society; president of Skills USA Management Team; one-month service learning trip to Tanzania, East Africa; winner of 2019 Morrisville Rotary Speech Competition.

Postgraduate plans: Pursue a degree in psychology.

Statement: I am so thankful to have had the opportunities that have been given me to succeed this far in my life. I will work hard to give others the same opportunities.

Emma Ryan Grove-Griffith

Accomplishments: National Honor Society President, Student Council President, cross-country captain, track, YATST, student school board representative 2017-2018.

Postgraduate plans: Attending Emmanuel College in Boston to study biology.

Statement: I want to give a huge thank-you to my friends, family and teachers that supported me throughout my high school career. I hope to use what I have learned from all of them to help me in this next chapter in my life.

Madison Lee Ingalls

Accomplishments: Lamoille baseball #1 fan.

Postgraduate plans: Finding a job.

Statement: I hope to find a job that I really enjoy.

Tyler Mitchell King

Accomplishments: The activities I like to do are work on a farm, go fishing, hang out with my fiancée, hang out with friends and shoot some hoops. My accomplishments: I got my driver’s license, I got my diploma, and I would like to thank my grandmother for pushing me all the way.

Postgraduate plans: To get a full-time job and save up my money so I can buy a nice car or truck.

Statement: My experience of going through high school was not the greatest, and I want to thank my grandmother for putting me into the aide program in Morrisville; my experience there was great. My hopes for everyone that I leave behind are that they do wonderful in school and pass with flying colors. I will truly miss all my friends I leave behind including one of my teachers, Becky, and my dance teacher Nikki — I will miss my dance class.

Heather Marie Lafountain

Accomplishments: Varsity softball ninth and 10th grade; GMTCC pre-tech program and Allied Health program; received LNA, PCA and ERM training.

Postgraduate plans: Taking a gap year and working at Tractor Supply Co.

Statement: Thank you to my friends and family for all the love and support! A big thank-you to Beth Weatherbee for pushing me out of my comfort zone, and pushing me to do great things!

Gracie Alaina-Marie Lanphear

Accomplishments: Licensed nursing assistant, emergency medical responder, personal care attendant, first aid and CPR certified, youth first aid and mental health certified.

Postgraduate plans: CCV for nursing prerequisites; VTC to become a labor & delivery registered nurse; become a certified phlebotomist.

Statement: I’ve been so fortunate to have all the love and support from family, friends and teachers. I just want to thank you all for pushing me towards my dreams, I couldn’t have done it without you all! LNA > RN

Emma Klee MacDonald

Accomplishments: Tri-M, chorus, writing, singing, musical theater, drawing and most arts.

Postgraduate plans: I plan on attending Northern Vermont University-Johnson in the fall of 2019, and working on my bachelor’s degree of music in performance/musical theater.

Statement: For my four years at Lamoille I’ve been very blessed and very glad to have met the most amazing people, not only my friends but even teachers that have helped me too. I am very much ready and excited to work harder and go further into my music career. I hope one day to be an opera singer, or to act and perform in musical theater.

Mikeala Lynn Ramos

Accomplishments: Choir, dance, color guard.

Postgraduate plans: College at Saint Leo University, criminal justice degree.

Statement: I spent 18 years in Florida, and for me to be able to catch on and be able to graduate with only being up here for four months is amazing!

Peoples Academy High School

Class of 2019

Clara Rose Alley, Jackson Thomas Anderson, Olivia M. Anderson, Louis Emil Angione, Laura M. Badger, Kenneth Barbour, Mariah Rae Beutel, Adele Rose Biasini, Laura Bickart, Ryan Carl Blaney, Lena Dianne Boudreau, James E. Britton, Sofie Gray Carlson, Max Owen Carr, Kenneth Jan Chandler, Micah Rye Coville, Alexandria Kathleen Dambach, Michael Patrick Delancey, Julio L. Delgado, Ryley Desrocher, Darian Mae Dubie, Amber Rosemary Everett, Ryan Fish, Annie Fishell, Alexis Kelley Follensbee, Olivia Foster, Amara J. Gates, Edward W. Habeck IV, Sam Hanifin, Connor Robert Harris, Liam James Henchey, Emily J. Hess, Nicholas Robert Holbrook, Lucia I. Kelley, Noah J. Kennision, Keanna Summer Koné, Mehgan Riana Koniuto, Morgan Riley Koniuto, Dustin J. Lacey, Matthew Christopher LaFountain, Elm Raymond LaPoint, Faith Josephine Lathe-Houston, Aidan Lodge, Naomi May Lovell, Cameron Laurel Amay Lowcock, Eric Raymond Marcoux, Caroline Sarah Merriam, Lily Belle Metzler, Maliah Moodie-Fitzgerald, Jacob Alexander Mullaney, Andrew Niles, Eben Riker Osborne, Malcolm D. Putvain, Jared L. Rogers, Derrick Matthew Shackett, Gabriella M. Simmons, Wyatt D. Slayton, William Thomas Small, Greer McLemore Southall, Hunter M. Tallman, Kaila E. Trombley, Julian Trombly-Whitaker, Kayla Turner, Aaron Vetere, Heather A. Walker, Scott R. Watson, Gabriella Alfaro White, Kai Juergen Wingensiefen, Ethan Wright, Gillian Dolores Wright

Peoples Academy Graduates 2019

Peoples Academy Graduates 2019

Peoples Academy Senior Statements

Clara Rose Alley

Accomplishments: Honor Roll, President’s List.

Postgraduate plans: Studying criminal justice at Norwich University.

Statement: Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers that have supported me throughout my time at Peoples Academy. Aside from the abundance of educational knowledge that you have given me, you’ve also provided me with lots of laughs, life lessons, and valuable advice and insights that I treasure greatly and will remember in the years to come. Thank you!

Jackson Thomas Anderson

Accomplishments: Varsity basketball, varsity golf, automotive internship.

Postgraduate plans: VTC automotive and diesel.

Statement: I want to thank my parents and everyone who has helped me through the years.

Louis Emil Angione

Accomplishments: Four year varsity athlete: basketball, baseball, soccer; VBCA Dream Dozen; National Honor Society.

Postgraduate plans: Physical education major, coaching minor at the University of Vermont.

Statement: I am just so grateful for everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout high school, and especially when I hurt my knee. I’ll never forget where I came from and the people I met throughout my time at Peoples Academy.

Lena Dianne Boudreau

Accomplishments: Varsity soccer, varsity Nordic skiing, National Honor Society co-president, recipient of the Presidential Service Award, salutatorian, music festivals, Girls State, HOBY Conference, student council, M3 facilitator, youth group at Elmore Church, PASC, VBS nursery teacher, and tons of volunteer events.

Postgraduate plans: Study English in the pre-law program at St. Lawrence University.

Statement: We have spent the past 13 years together and I could not be more honored to graduate with the Peoples Academy Class of 2019. Thank you to my teachers, family and friends for their endless support and memories. I wish the best of luck to all my peers!

Alexandria Kathleen Dambach

Accomplishments: Cross-country running, Nordic skiing, track and field, tennis, National Honor Society, band festivals, Peoples Academy Stage Company, student council.

Postgraduate plans: Academy of Art University, San Francisco.

Statement: I am excited to embark on my next journey but sad to leave the place I have called home for 18 years. I can’t imagine not seeing the students of Peoples Academy every day because I have been with them forever and will miss everyone greatly. Thank you, everyone, for making me the person I am today, and can’t wait to see who I become in the years to come.

Ryley Desrocher

Accomplishments: Honored by Stowe Rotary for Student Of The Year in the HVAC Program; third place in Vermont State competition for Skills USA; certified in OSHA10, EPA608 and NORA Oil Heat.

Postgraduate plans: I plan to build on my existing skills while working with a reputable organization to become a Master Tech. Beyond that, I plan to follow my entrepreneurial dreams.

Darian Mae Dubie

Accomplishments: Co-president of National Honor Society, Student Council member, captain of varsity soccer team and ice hockey team, M3 student facilitator, MedQuest and Advanced MedQuest attendee, Girls All-State First Team for 2017 & 2018 soccer season, middle level mentor.

Postgraduate plans: Beaufort College honors biology program at the University of South Carolina Beaufort.

Statement: My friends, teachers, classmates, and family will forever hold a special place in my heart. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for each and every person that has helped me navigate through my life the last 18 years, supporting me, encouraging me and allowing me to grow. Morrisville will forever be home to me, and I will always cherish the strong sense of community that has supported me for the last 18 years. There is something special that runs through the veins of our town, something I’ll never forget, and will always be thankful for. To my classmates, I wouldn’t have wanted to grow surrounded by anyone else but all of you. I will always hold the memories of our class dear to my heart. I wish you all the best of luck. Never stop chasing your dreams! And to my parents and family, I couldn’t have made it here without any of you. Thank you for your endless support and encouragement. I love you!

Amber Rosemary Everett

Postgraduate plans: SUNY Adirondack, liberal arts and science.

Statement: Thank you to everyone that has helped me become the person I am today and encouraged me to follow my dreams after high school.

Alexis Kelley Follensbee

Accomplishments: Upward Bound, a cappella choir.

Postgraduate plans: Attend NVU Johnson to major in criminal justice and psychology.

Statement: I’d like to thank my parents and all my friends for helping become the person I am today. I couldn’t have done this without you and I thank you endlessly.

Olivia Foster

Accomplishments: Varsity boys soccer manager, varsity boys basketball manager, Students Taking Action, Morrisville Climate Action Committee, Communicating School Redesign, yearbook editor.

Postgraduate plans: Attend the University of Maine for nursing as a member of the Honors College.

Statement: I am fortunate to have moved to Morrisville with my family in 2016. I want to thank my parents for taking my brothers and me along on this exciting journey in my final years at home before I branch off into the “real world.” This experience showed us that although change can be scary, it can also be necessary and meaningful.

Amara J. Gates

Accomplishments: Varsity soccer, track and field, dance team, National Honor Society, Governor’s Institute on Health and Medicine, Student Council, soccer trip to Spain, art trip to Costa Rica.

Postgraduate plans: Majoring in athletic training at University of Maine (Orono).

Statement: Thank you to my friends, family, and teachers who have supported me throughout the years. I appreciate everything you have done for me and will be thinking of you as I start my next journey.

Sam Hanifin

Accomplishments: Third place in audio/radio production at SkillsUSA 2019.

Postgraduate plans: Columbia College Chicago, comedy writing and performance major.

Statement: I’ve had some pretty wild times these past 17 years. It may be a little boring here, but I am gonna miss Vermont. It’s a pretty awesome place to grow up. See y’all in Chi-Town.

Lucia I. Kelley

Accomplishments: Varsity soccer, varsity basketball, four-time track and field javelin state champion, National Honor Society, Student Council.

Postgraduate plans: Endicott College School of Nursing.

Statement: I’m incredibly grateful for the variety of experiences and opportunities my school and community have provided me over the years. I’d like to thank my parents, family, friends, coaches and teammates as I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your endless support and influence.

Meghan Riana Koniuto

Accomplishments: National Honor Society, early college, dance team, a capella choir, drama club, track, Student Council.

Postgraduate plans: Nursing major at Castleton University.

Statement: I would like to thank my family, friends and teachers for helping me get to where I am today. I am who I am because of each and every single one of them and I could not have made it this far without them!

Morgan Riley Koniuto

Accomplishments: National Honor Society, early college, Student Council, a capella choir, dance team, drama, track team.

Postgraduate plans: Nursing major at Castleton University.

Statement: I’m so grateful for my family, as they have been my biggest supporters through high school! I would also like to thank my friends, peers and teachers who have helped me over the years. Vermont has always been home to me and I’m excited to continue my education in this beautiful state!

Dustin J. Lacey

Postgraduate plans: Going off to college at Northern Vermont University.

Statement: In the future I hope to find a career I enjoy after college and travel.

Matthew Christopher LaFountain

Accomplishments: Drama club, captain on the track and field team, cross-country running, Student Council, Community Service Club/Rotary Interact, National Honor Society, Governor’s Institute of Vermont: Health and Medicine Institute, Student Recognition Committee, Principal Advisory Committee.

Postgraduate plans: Attend the University of Vermont with a planned major in health sciences.

Statement: I would like to thank my friends, family, and teachers for all the support they have given me over the years. I would not be the person I am today without them. Thank you for everything.

Faith Josephine Lathe-Houston

Accomplishments: I participate in a teen group.

Postgraduate plans: Computer networking at GMTCC.

Statement: My experiences at PA were fun, making good friends that will last a lifetime. I’m looking to further my education at GMTCC and learn more about computers. I enjoy helping others, and would like to do something like rescue squad or LNA.

Caroline Sarah Merriam

Accomplishments: Student Council, Science Olympiad, multiple art awards, Yearbook Committee, Stage Crew for PASC, Communicating School Redesign (CSR), Golf Team, Teacher’s Aid, painted a mural in the guidance office, and sold multiple art pieces.

Postgraduate plans: Studying for a BA in illustration at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, England.

Statement: What a journey it has been. I’ve grown a lot as a person and discovered who I really want to be over the course of these past four years, and I’ve made lifelong friends. I’m excited for the future and I can’t wait to grow even more as an artist.

Andrew Niles

Postgraduate plans: Jobs.

Statement: My experience is being with my friends.

Malcolm D. Putvain

Accomplishments: National Honor Society member; Attended Green Mountains Boys State, Vermont Academy Of Science And Technology, HOBY and GIV; band and drama.

Postgraduate plans: Studying software engineering at Vermont Technical College.

Statement: I would like to thank and everyone at

Gabriella M. Simmons

Postgraduate plans: I plan on going to NVU-Johnson.

Statement: I hope to have the college experience to learn a lot and find out what I want to do and be in life.

William Thomas Small

Accomplishments: Basketball; early college at Vermont Technical College, computer software engineering.

Postgraduate plans: I will continue my education at Vermont Tech where I will earn my masters degree in computer software engineering.

Statement: A big thank-you to my grandmother Allene Small for helping me. Thank you to my parents for believing in me.

Greer McLemore Southall

Accomplishments: A capella chorus; Newport Music Festival; teaching Unbound class for four years; and singing at community events.

Postgraduate plans: Starting at Community College of Vermont until I find my passion in the art world.

Heather A. Walker

Accomplishments: National Honor Society, captain of the hockey and cross-country teams, track, tennis.

Postgraduate plans: University of Vermont.

Statement: I filled this out for you Grandma, because I know you’ll read it!

Gabriella Alfaro White

Accomplishments: Peoples Academy Stage Company, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad, concert band, Class of 2019 Valedictorian, Wellesley Book Award, School Culture Committee, soccer, hockey, softball.

Postgraduate plans: Majoring in biomedical engineering with a concentration in cell, tissue, and organ biomechanics at the University of Vermont Honors College.

Statement: I have watched all of my peers develop into amazingly thoughtful and hard-working individuals over the past 12 years, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I’ll miss every second that we got to share together, and I wish everyone the best of luck in the years to come.

Peoples Academy Graduation 2019: Celebrating
Peoples Academy Graduation 2019
Peoples Academy Graduation 2019
Peoples Academy Graduation 2019
Peoples Academy Graduation 2019

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