Hyde Park residents and friends gathered on Friday, Dec. 7, at St. Teresa’s Parish Hall for the annual Lighting Ceremony in memory, honor and celebration of loved ones. The Hyde Park Community Circle sponsors the Lighting Ceremony.

Jack Anderson, the master of ceremonies, also honored local veterans on that day of remembrance of Pearl Harbor 77 years ago. The speaker system purchased by the select board was available for the reading of the 222 names honored.

Paine’s Christmas Trees in Morrisville made the wreaths and garland. The wreaths were hung on the front of the town garage in Hyde Park and at the Grange Hall in North Hyde Park.

Deb Henderson received light orders. Village General Manager Carol Robertson and Dan Young orchestrated the lighting of the streetlights. Norm and Betty Andrews manned the guest book.

As the names of the loved ones and their donors were read by George Cook and Denise Greene, lights were lit by Greg and Eileen Paus and Sigh and Sally Searles.

While the adults were participating in the Lighting Ceremony, young children and their parents were at the Lanpher Memorial Library listening to stories about mittens read by Frosty the Snowman (Sarah Clark) and singing with Nate Perham and Mark Isselhardt. Susan Hayes worked with the children on their mitten craft project.

After the ceremony, families were transported by the Polar Express bus, donated by Lamoille Valley Transport, to the parish hall for a time of fellowship and refreshments. Cookies were provided by Barb Potter, Teresa Farquharson, Betty Courchaine, Kim Lambert, Melanie Dickinson, Gina Jenkins and Gerette Buglion. Hot chocolate was made by Teresa Farquharson and provided by the Hyde Park Community Circle. Cookie Elf servers were Everett and Melanie Dickinson and Denise Marcoux.

Here is the list of those remembered, honored and celebrated:

In memory of

Porter Jackson Earle, William Flanders, Jr., William Flanders Sr., Linda Hill and Zula Fletcher, by Ken and Dawn Sweetser.

Arlene Anderson and Lester Anderson, by Gary Anderson.

Shirley Gagnier, John Fowler, Jacob Reynolds and Anita Reynolds, by Marlene and David Gagnier.

Ralph and Lil Tibbitts, Dad and Mom Lawrence, Pitt Despault, Dad, by Dave and Barbara Despault.

The Rev. Phillips and Barbara Henderson, parents; Margaret Russell, Deb’s Mom, by Jonathan and Deborah Henderson.

Ken Potter, Gwen Potter, Chris Potter, by Alice Potter James.

Tom Paine by Nana Paine.

Hazel, by Tom Anastasio.

Della Moody Towle, Elroy Wayne Towle, Leon E. Andrus, Nellie A. Andrus, William Bates and Hope L. Towle, by Edward and Marjorie Andrus.

Erik Olsen, Jean Knight, Connie Page and Dr. Donald Johnstone, by Amy Olsen.

Muriel Deuso by Kenneth Deuso.

Sister, Bessie Ferland and Mac Manning Sr., by Ida Mae Manning.

Jan Sorice and Steve Hall by Robin Nuse and Arthur Gardiner.

Raymond Hayes by Fern Farmer.

James Hayes by Ryan and Susan Hayes.

Judy Cushing and Sue Wisehart by Lori Erickson.

Ramona Nutting, Wendell Peake, Corella Gray and Dean Davis, parents; David and Helen Clark, parents; Jim and Olney Gilmore, by John and Judy Clark.

Rene Marcoux, Raymond Marcoux, Max Gillespie, Lorraine Audet, Georges Boudreau, Marion Wilson, by Diane Marcoux-LaClair.

Bud and Marcy LaClair, Allie and Aline Ring, by Dan and Judy Gillespie.

Porter Earle, members of the Murphy family, members of the Flanders family, by William and Helen Murphy.

Myrle and Ruth Dickinson, Francis and Marion Lucia, by Everett and Melanie Dickinson.

Shawn Gray, Florence Tallman, Clifford Tallman, Bill Gonyea, by David and Deborah Tallman.

Donald and Flossie Parsons, William R. Flanders Sr., William R. Flanders Jr., by Bob and Carol Parsons and girls.

Sylvia Race, Pearl Webster and Jean Wickart, by John and Marion Clegg.

Philip Chiaravalle Sr. by the Chiaravalle family.

Ellen R. Finn, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Senna and Madeline Finn, by Robert C. Finn.

Keith Richard Lanphear, Lute and Madeline Touchette, Wyman and Helen Lanphear, Carole Lanphear Parker and Donna Hale Chase, by Russ and Judy Lanphear.

Dad Rene Marcoux, Lorraine Audet, Raymond Marcoux, Marthe Valcour, Mrs. Marion Wilson, Richard Godin, George Boudreau, Roger Marcoux, Marcoux and Boudreau family, by Denise Marcoux.

Rene Marcoux, Lorraine Audet, George Boudreau and Raymond Marcoux, by Monique Marcoux.

Missy Boivin, William Tatro and Linda Jewett, by Carol Boivin.

Lila Deuso and Girdon Deuso by Gail Deuso and Gregg Deuso.

Barb Crow, Irene and Earl Baughman and Kevin O’Reardin, by Alma Baughman.

Dexter and Danny Stewart, Floyd and Gladys Griswold and Merle and Dorothy Stewart, by Maggie Stewart and family.

My beloved Mother, Papa and Sister Gisela, by Irena Anderson.

Buck and Marge Heath, Harry and Elaine Parker, Ralph and Peg Mudgett, Erald and Avis Hanscom, by Chan and Madonna Parker.

Lester Adams Sr., Beth Davis Adams, Richard Kenneth Adams, Robert McKnight and Agatha Holley McKnight, by Rich and Andrea McKnight.

Paul E. Bourdeau, Mrs. Paul Bourdeau, Ernest Tuthill, Paul Bourdeau, son and Marcia Ingalls, by Michael and Susan Bourdeau.

Margaret Dorothy Blauvelt, Howard W. Blauvelt, Harry Blauvelt, Robert Wilson Wadds and Nancy Jane Wadds, by Bob and Peg Wadds.

John Scott, Danny Williams, Ellen Finn, Anna Alger and Marlene Marquit, by Morgan and Kitzie Kilburn.

Susan Wiseheart, Sylvia Szlachetka, Margaret Szlachetka, Laura Choquette and Juliette Bolduc, by Diane and Carl Szlachetka.

Esslyn Mason, Tom Mason, Doug Mason, Dustin Mason Sr. and Keith Allen, by Roger and Elessia Audet.

Chet Tillotson, husband; Cyprien and George Audet, Paul and Lorraine Audet, Roland Audet, by Noella Tillotson.

Arthur and Marlene Audet, Denis and Laurence Audet, Ronald and Marion Audet, by Roger and Elessia Audet.

Chet and Hortense Cleveland, Linda Arnold, Joseph and Yvonne Audet, John and Rose Boulley, by Earl and Jeannette Peno.

Edwin R. Webster, Donald C. Parsons, Florence C. Parsons and John N. Scott, by Ed and Nancy Webster.

Linda Adams, Mike Adams, Theresa Schaaf, Bill Schaaf and Daddy Elfie, by Bill, Stacey and Tanya Schaaf.

John Miner, Grace Miner, Peggy Lynch and Alex Lamb, by Kathy, Kirk and Zach Thompson.

Margaret and Clair Nelson and Martin Parkhurst, by Bud and Janet Jones.

Frank and Florence Travers and Lewis and Ethelyn Andrews, by Norm and Betty Andrews.

Jim Cardasis, by Debbie Wheeler and Michael Wickenden.

Greg Rothammer, Turid Christiansen and William Danforth, by Donna Christiansen.

Raymond Hayes, Ray Hayes and Merilee Hayes, by Alyssa Chaffee.

Lainey Fortune, by Carl Fortune.

Elaine “Mom” Fortune, by Kim Lambert.

Keith Richard Lanphear, by Kara, Chris, Ryan and RJ.

Wendell Peake, by Elaine Peake.

Wendell Peake, by Larry, Jane, Robert and families.

Bill McFarlane, Ken Jones, Dave Cochran and Corella Gray, by Charles Davis.

Theresa MacWilliams, by William and Teresa Farquharson.

George Schaeffer, Frances Schaeffer, Elsa French, Dr. Ed French, Kevin Corneille and Jeanne Welch, by Riki French.

David and Nancy Moore by Orah Moore.

Marian Cassedy and Robert and Anna Woodside, Donna Chase and Donald and Margaret Hale, by Bob and Ruth Woodside.

Chris Fisher, Jon Fisher, Patrick Fisher, Erik Searles and Trim Conklin, by the Searles family.

In memory and celebration of Judy, Julia, David, Martha Haynes and Tom Moore, by Sue Moore.

Raymond Buglion, Paul Francis Buglion and Philip Sosis, by Gerette Buglion and Frederic Gluck.

Rassoul Rangaviz and Robert Ianni, by Denise Marcoux.

In celebration of

Milo Hayes and Wren Hayes, by Ryan and Susan Hayes.

Our grandchildren and great-grandchild, by Russ and Judy Lanphear.

Ryder and Lincoln Fetterman, grandsons, by Orah Moore.

In honor of

Sherry Anderson and David Anderson, by Gary Anderson.

Frank Russell Jr., Deb’s Dad and Rita Henderson, Jon’s stepmother by Jonathan and Deborah Henderson.

Lamoille County Teachers, by Tom Anastasio.

Carol Olsen, by Amy Olsen.

Daughter Robin Mae Wheel, by Ida Mae Manning.

Gladys Agell, by Robin Nuse and Arthur Gardiner.

Jedediah Hyde and Proctor Page, by John and Marion Clegg.

U.S. veterans on Pearl Harbor Day, by William and Teresa Farquharson.

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