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The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation is inviting people to a public open house about Bingham Falls, the popular waterfall in Stowe, on Wednesday, June 19, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Akeley Memorial Building, 67 Main St.

Stowe Yacht Club hosts the Green Mountain Sailing Regatta Thursday and Friday, June 6-7, and the EC-12 races on Saturday and Sunday, June 8-9. The J-Boat Region One Championships, on Thursday and Friday, feature the largest of the radio-controlled boats, scale models of early Americas Cup ra…

Last June I was walking through our field when I flushed a wild turkey hen. She emerged from the raspberry patch just a few feet away from me. I parted the thorny canes to reveal a nest on the ground lined with dried grass and containing nine large, creamy eggs, speckled with brown. Since we…

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At the 59th annual kids fishing derby, held Saturday at the Waterbury-Stowe Fish & Game Club, anglers under age 12 were welcome to catch as many fish as they could; chaperones were expected to tie knots, bait hooks, untangle bird’s nests, and exemplify superior sportsmanship.

Have you ever wondered how trees “come back to life” in spring? Why paper birches are so white? Or which trees make the best firewood? A new book by Vermont’s Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation, Michael Snyder of Stowe answers these questions and many others.

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The water may be too cold for most people to dive in, but spring weather is for the birds — specifically, for these loons on Lake Elmore, and merganser ducks on the Lamoille River, the water’s fine.

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Rachel Sargent of Duxbury, a biologist and artist, will lead a Nature Journaling workshop on Saturday, May 4 and 11, at the Waterbury Reservoir. Meet at the Grange Hall Cultural Center, 317 Howard Ave., Waterbury Center at 10 a.m. sharp to sign up before moving to the site. Departure will be…

Visiting a forest along one of our major rivers, such as the Connecticut River, in late spring, is like entering a special world. Big silver maples tower overhead, with arching branches and roots reaching deep underground. Cottonwoods up to five feet in diameter and vase-shaped American elms…

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People with an eye to the outdoors will notice wildlife becomes increasingly active as the weather warms. Our winter resident birds now fill the morning with song, skunks are once again skulking, and even the moths are emerging.

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If you’re willing go out in the rain and maybe get your hands a little sticky, volunteers are needed to count — and sometimes rescue — amphibians as they cross the road during mating season.

RIDE 2018

There’s a lot going on in the mountain bike world right now and we hope this issue gives you some insight into what the future holds, as well as into some of the movers and shakers who are pushing the needle of progress.

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