They came, they cut, they conquered winter.

The 45th annual Stowe Winter Carnival was held last weekend, featuring ice carving demonstrations and a nationally sanctioned competition, a youth ice fishing derby, dance parties and live music, and friendly games of golf and volleyball played on snow-filled courts and courses.

The theme was “To Stowe and Beyond,” and participants sent it to the final frontier with their costumes and creative carvings.

The winning team for snowgolf, playing in the “Tiger Woods Competitive” division — good-timers played in the “Lost in Woods Consumptive” bracket — was the Space Astronauts: Scot Baraw, Skip O’Neil, Chris Clewes and Mark Sherwin.

The snowvolleyball tournament was won by a team from Massachusetts; we were unsure of the team name by press time, so let’s just call them the Outer Staters.

19th annual ice carving competition

The National Ice Carving Association, a not-for-profit organization formed in 1987, has more than 600 members, and works to promote the art of ice carving through public awareness and ongoing education.

Professional results:

1. “Celestial Prophecy” by Jeff Bleir

2. “Star Warrior” by Mark Crouthamel

3. “Space Cowboy” by Richard Bubin

4. “R3” by Murray Long

5. “Luna” by Evan Hughes

6. “Sons of Mararchy” by Thomas J. Neary

7. “X Wing” by Erik Freay

8. “I Come in Peace” by Marc Spangenberg

9. “Reaching for the Stars” by Chip Koser

10. “Destination Moon” by David Barclay

11. “Stowe-Away” by Wayne Miller

Amateur results:

1. “R2 D2” by Stephen Swenson

2. “InterStella” by James Neary

3. “Shuttle Launch” by Adam Getize